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J. S., Fairfield, Connecticut
I really enjoyed working with Dr.Tyler in applying to vet school. She helped keep me on track and had excellent strategic insights into the veterinary school application. I was accepted into multiple top veterinary schools, and Dr. Tyler was a huge support. I would highly recommend her services to anyone applying to veterinary school.

I just wanted to thank you for guiding my daughter L---- through this long admissions process. I know she felt you helped her and were a great asset to her all along the way.

Pre-vet Student, Florida
Dr.Tyler really helped me polish my essays for veterinary school and also provided great feedback and advice regarding interviews and even selecting which schools to apply for. I am so thankful she was able to help me out and I've been accepted to my top choices.

Student, Parkton, MD
Thanks so much for helping me through my college selection process. Everything would have been so much more headache inducing without you guiding me. I'm really going to love college because you found a good fit for me.

Student, Cortland, NY
Thank you for your help! I got into my dream school and I know I couldn't have done it without you!

student, Ithaca, NY
Thanks for all your help this past year!" "I am so excited for college. I can't wait!

C.B. Natick, MA
Thank you So much for all your wisdom and support throughout the veterinary admissions process. I was initially so discouraged because I had received no offers from vet schools after my senior year of college. I didn’t want to give up my dream. You encouraged me to re-apply. Thanks to you and our work together, I received offers from four vet schools. Big hugs

I just got an acceptance letter from Colgate today. I am enthusiastic about Colgate so it was really nice to get in! ------- I forgot to mention that I got merit scholarships at two other colleges!

graduate student, Boston, MA
I was floundering around, trying to decide what graduate program to apply to. You helped me get focussed. The psychology program here is ideal for me. I am convinced that I wouldn't be where I am now without your help.

T. H. , San Juan, PR
It’s been a while since we last spoke, I hope you are doing very well. I was writing to tell you the good news. I had two interviews for veterinary school and was accepted at my preferred choice I wanted to write you and tell you once again how thankful I am for all the help you gave me and the long hours you dedicated to my essays. I owe a lot of this achievement to you since I am not a native English speaker. I will always be grateful.

17 year old male student, Ithaca, NY
Thank-you! I don't see how I could have gotten everything done in time without your help.

Parents, Ithaca, NY
Dr. Tyler provided us with a road map that allowed us to understand the steps and their sequence through this complicated process. Most important, she listened to all of us. Her vast and direct knowledge of higher educational institutions enabled us to narrow the field of choices quickly and start our college visits with very appropriate schools, saving us valuable time and expense.

Dr. Tyler is a professional member of IECA, an educational consultants association that requires commitment to a high ethical standard.