1. Self knowledge:  I listen to what students say about themselves, their dreams, and their school experience. I reflect what I hear back to the family to help the student become an advocate for themselves.  I help students understand the college system for addressing disabilities which is radically different than that of the high school.  I explain to students and their families what their psych-evaluation means in terms of preparation for college and necessary support structures.
  2. Standardized testing:   It has become more difficult to receive accomodations for the SAT or ACT.  I assist families with the time table and information they need to work with their school in obtaining accomodations.  tutoring for LD
  3. Customized college list: Based on family interviews, testing, and the high school transcript, I develop a customized college list for students based upon their specific interests, learning style, and learning difference.  I have visited dozens of colleges with LD programs that range in support from peer tutoring to a dedicated dormitory with full time staff.
  4. Organizational tools:  Timelines, websites, calendars, and other tools are provided to families to help manage the college admission process.
  5. College essay guidance: I work with students in bringing out their best in the college application essay.
  6. Mock interviewing:  I help students prepare for the interview so they won't be so nervous.  We discuss likely questions as well as explore the things they may want to know about the college.