Veterinary School Services

UVOLVAC P2.jpg full 600[1]Did you know that it’s harder to get into vet school than medical school? There are only 32 accredited vet schools in the country — compared to more than 140 medical schools — and the acceptance rate ranges between 10 and 15 percent.

As a former admissions counselor for the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, I understand the vet school admissions process and know how to maximize your chances of getting in to the vet college of your choice.

I can help you identify a balanced list of schools that are tailored to your profile, and advise you on how to best represent yourself on your application.

Here are the specific areas I can help you with:
  • Transcript evaluation: Advice on how to improve your academic background if necessary
  • Evaluation of animal experience: Guidance on finding the best experiences to prepare for your veterinary career
  • Customized vet school list: Help with developing a focused list of vet schools that suit your academic background and interests
  • Personal statement – Guidance on how to write a statement that presents your best qualities and your aspirations to become a vet
  • Mock interviewing – Coaching for traditional and multiple mini interview (MMI) formats.
  • Non-cognitive experience – Preparation for the CASPer exam, which evaluates communication, empathy, ethics, and professionalism
I offer either hourly packages or comprehensive services depending upon the need.

Medical School Services

  1. Transcripts Evaluation: Transcripts are evaluated for medical school requirements and necessary rigor.
  2. Evaluation of Clinical and Research experience-Students are counseled on the steps to building a powerful pre-med resume. Suggestions of relevant clinical and research experience are given.
  3. Medical School Testing: Guidance will be given concerning MCAT preparation, subjects covered and a testing timeline.
  4. Customized Medical School List: Dr. Tyler will prepare a balanced list of schools to apply to based upon selectivity, region, and student interests.
  5. Personal Statement: Dr. Tyler will advise students how to prepare an arresting personal statement that includes important experiences from their background.
  6. Secondary Applications: Aspects of tailoring the application to the particular institution will be covered.
  7. Recommendations: Non-cognitive qualities that are important to cover in recommendations will be addressed.
  8. Interview preparation: This service includes mock interviewing for traditional interviews as well as the multiple mini interview format (MMI) now favored by a number of medical schools.